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Animation, Mischtechnik (Legetrick, Zeichentrick), 2019, 6min 33sec.

«A child is singing and cooking with its father.
An intimate moment, so simple.
Swept along by a wafting mass of dough.
Lost hands. Lost touches.
And trying to grasp what is not tangible.»

A very personal view on the experience of loss and letting go, the exploration and expression of accumulated emotions such as isolation, regret, deep sadness but also relief and still hope and happiness. How can it be, that life is still the same life? What is memory and where is the border from being to not-being?

Fantoche Int. Animation Film Festival Baden, CH, 2019
Primanima World Festival of First Animations, HU, 2019 - JURY'S SPECIAL MENTION
Kaboom Animation Festival, NL, 2019
Animateka Int. Animated Film Festival, SI, 2019